Case Studies

  • Success-Story-POB

    Success-Story - POB

    12.07.2018 - The wheels are mounted on gondolas which are used in food processing. These gondolas operate in a cool and damp environment that is needed to avoid the spoilage of the food while being processed.

  • Success-Story-LO-GTH_GSTN_Simple-Stage

    Success-Story - GSTN and LO-GTH

    11.07.2018 - The products of the company are mainly used inside of factories, so the they needed a higher grip polyurethane drive wheel that offered a combination of good traction and low rolling resistance.

  • Success-Story-LSFE_Simple-Stage

    Success-Story - LSFE-ALST

    11.06.2018 - For a variety of reasons, the company’s technicians wanted to make a few changes to the wheel lock system of the castor to optimise it for the new application.

  • Success-Story-FALBN_Simple-Stage

    Success-Story - FALBN

    11.06.2018 - The customer were looking for drive wheels which were capable of handling a maximum load of 1000 kg per transport unit while maximising energy efficiency.

  • Success-Story - SPKTHN

    23.05.2018 - The customer needed a reliable wheel to guide the component holders on the conveyor belts. They were also looking for a way to implement a drive concept while taking the space restrictions and high temperatures of the furnace into consideration.

  • Success-Story - ALBS-FSTH

    17.05.2018 - The customer is specializes in the production and supply of technology for glazing and decorating ceramic tiles.

  • Success-Story - LIX-SPO

    16.05.2018 - The customer has established a new process for treating components on carts in a vacuum plasma system.

  • Success-Story - LSFN

    16.05.2018 - The customer has 250 loading platforms on castors, guaranteeing the delivery of finished products from the oven to various storage locations, finishing operations and shipping. These transfers are made on a continuous basis.

  • Success Story - LS-GBS

    14.05.2018 - The client needs castors with a safe braking system when developing a new autonomous, intelligent, self-organising DTS (driverless transport system). The payload of this transportation assistant should be 1000 kg - that means that a load-bearing capacity of 500 kg per castor is required.