The ErgoMove® 2000 cockpit at a glance

ErgoMove® 2000

The cockpit and its functions.

The cockpit of the ErgoMove® 2000 is available in two versions. The version with one rotary joystick is suited primarily for applications involving straight travel over long distances. In addition, the cockpit with two rotary joysticks offers the ability to easily manoeuvre heavy loads within even tight spaces.

Cockpit – versions

  • 1 Simple operation

    The ErgoMove® 2000 is operated with a rotary joystick. The operation of the rotary joystick determines the drive torque of the two driven fixed castors. Depending on the mode, the two castors are controlled synchronously or individually. The operating handles also feature integrated sensor-based hand detection for unlocking the electro-mechanical dead man’s brake.

  • 2 Emergency stop

    In hazardous situations, the electric drive system can be switched off by operating the easily visible and quickly accessible emergency stop. This activates the electromechanical dead man’s brake and brings the ErgoMove® 2000 to a standstill.

  • 5 Horn

    The horn of the ErgoMove® 2000 is connected to the control box by a 1.5 metre cable and can be freely positioned on the trolley. It makes an important contribution to the safety of goods transports and is therefore required for a valid CE declaration.

  • 6 Mode “I” and “II” 

    Version with one rotary joystick:

    Mode I: Forward, reverse 2 km/h

    Mode II: Forward 4 km/h, reverse 2 km/h.

    Version with two rotary joysticks:

    Mode I: Both motors are controlled together (forward 4 km/h, reverse 2 km/h)

    Mode II: Motors are controlled individually by the respective rotary joystick (forward, reverse 2 km/h).

  • 7 Control box / battery  

    The control box contains the battery and control unit of the ErgoMove® 2000 and represents the connection between the driven wheels and the cockpit. The ErgoMove® 2000 is equipped with state-of-the-art rechargeable battery technology. At full capacity, the battery can make up to 500 starts with a load of 2,000 kg. The charge time is approximately four hours (90 percent of capacity).

  • 9 Anti-trap protection 

    The anti-trap protection on the ErgoMove® 2000 is implemented with a pressure-sensitive mushroom button. If the button is pressed against the operator, the trolley will go back a little in the opposite direction.