Heavy duty castors and heavy duty wheels from Blickle

Wheels and castors are used in a great variety of sectors. Special heavy duty castors were developed for use with heavy loads and/or higher travelling speeds. They are particularly sturdy and consist of a very strong welded steel construction. To move extremely heavy loads, so-called twin-wheel castors with two parallel heavy duty wheels are also used. For vibration-free transport, spring-loaded heavy duty castors with springs in the bracket are particularly suitable.

Blickle is a renowned specialist for heavy duty wheels and heavy duty castors. With its many innovative products, Blickle has implemented problem solutions that are used today for a variety of applications around the world. Typical applications of heavy duty castors are high-rack transport vehicles, forklift trucks, assembly systems and intralogistics transport systems.

The extensive Blickle product range contains, in addition to standard products, also custom-made solutions for specific application areas of heavy duty wheels and heavy duty castors:


Heavy duty castors with rubber tyres

Properties of rubber heavy duty wheels:

  • Good floor preservation
  • vibration-absorbing
  • High operational comfort
  • 140 to 6,000 kg load capacity


Heavy duty castors with nylon wheels

Properties of heavy duty wheels made of nylon:

  • impact-resistant
  • Low rolling resistance
  • 100 to 50,000 kg load capacity


Heavy duty castors in 4 exclusive polyurethane qualities

Properties of the polyurethane heavy duty wheels:

  • Good floor preservation
  • vibration-absorbing
  • High operational comfort
  • 100 to 1,000 kg load capacity


Heavy duty castors made of solid steel and cast iron

Properties of heavy duty castors made of steel and cast iron:

    • extremely wear-resistant
    • Oil-resistant
    • 150 to 15,000 kg load capacity


    Heavy duty castors with suspension

    Properties of the spring-loaded heavy duty castors:

      • very high resistance to shocks
      • 200 to 2,400 kg load capacity