Wheels and castors for plant engineering

Plant engineers across the world rely on the expertise of Blickle Räder+Rollen in the development and production of wheels that often have to meet very specific requirements.

This can also include solutions for special climatic conditions, long endurance times and high continuous operation characteristics, true running characteristics, special bearings or low-noise operation. With decades of experience, Blickle works closely with customers to find the right wheel or castor for every application. Blickle wheels and castors for plant engineering have stood the test in sorting systems, harbour installations, conveyors and sewage treatment plants.

Applications: Wheels and castors in plant engineering (examples):

Filling station

Filling station

Baggage handling at airports

Baggage handling

Harbour installations

Offshore crane


Sewage treatment plant


Passenger transport

Packaging equipment

Packaging line

Automotive assembly


Applications-tunnelling equipment

Tunnelling equipment