Case Studies

  • Flexible and safe on rails or road

    The customer is a major Swiss manufacturer of fire brigade vehicles and motorised spray systems. In the 30+ years of its existence, the company has delivered more than 900 vehicles.

  • Low emission special cleanroom castor made by Blickle

    The customer is a major player in the semiconductor technology industry, develops and manufactures equipment used in the production of microchips. The international company had a turnover of 972 million euros in the 2015/2016 financial year.

  • A clean solution

    The customer is an Austria-based manufacturer of vehicles and machinery used for urban hygiene, with a focus on street cleaning and sewer cleaning.

  • The all-rounder

    The customer Bedrunka+Hirth is one of Germany‘s leading manufacturers of equipment and manual workstation systems.

  • Smooth and stable – even under heavy loads

    The customer is a specialist in the field of plastic extrusion and a leading global provider of plastic panels and plastic profile systems for windows, doors and roller shutters based in Germany.

  • Optimal manoeuvrability at a low noise level

    The customer is a Czech car and engine manufacturer that belongs to a German automotive group.

  • The perfect combination – a tailored solution at an attractive price

    The customer is the leading US manufacturer of carts for the storage and transport of retail goods.

  • Soft wheels for low-noise transport

    The client is a traditional German bakery which was established in 1898. The business is now a renowned training institution with 25 specialty stores and its own catering service.

  • Absolutely reliable – even at high seas

    The client is an American marine robotics corporation that designs, manufactures and sells the Wave Glider, a wave and solar powered unmanned surface vehicle.

  • Success-Story-GB340

    Reliable transport for heaviest loads

    The machine manufacturer produces electric vehicles for the transport of extremely heavy loads up to 500 tons.

  • Success-Story-GSPO600-100

    Blickle wheels are part of an offshore project for the power supply of Stockholm

    Heavy duty wheel made of cast nylon GSPO600/100PR

  • Success-Story-LKDG-PATH

    Custom design for mobile hospital furniture

    Synthetic twin castor Blickle MOVE LKDG-PATH 125K-ZA-928004 and LKDG-PATH 125K-FI-ZA-928003

  • Success-Story-LHD-ALST

    Stay in contact with the ground, even in the most challenging conditions

    Heavy duty castors with three wheels LHD-ALST/RD 160K-933592 and BHD-ALST/RD 160K-933599

  • Success-Story-LSZF-PATH

    Clever unification of Design and functionality

    One of the most successful product of the client is the mobile x-ray machines. These machines are transported within the hospital facilities to where they are required, so the patients do not need to be moved.

  • Success-Story-GB500x80

    Blickle unites

    In the past, the customer primarily used Vulkollan® special wheels from one of our competitors.

  • Success-Story-BX-LX-POBS

    For better ergonomics at the workplace

    An Australian hospital approached us looking to improve ergonomics in the workplace and in particular the pull/push force required on their retherm carts.

  • Success-Story-STHN

    Vibration-free rotation, even under heavy loads

    The company provides a wide variety of solutions for the wind power industry, e.g. welding systems and handling facilities for the manufacture of turbine towers and other wind power components.

  • Success-Story-L-ALTH

    Smooth global dispatch with Blickle special castors for postal logistics

    The online retailer is currently investing significantly in expanding its logistics and transport activities in order to make its logistics processes less dependent on external providers.

  • Blickle goes Hollywood

    An American film production company needed three different tanks to produce a World War ll film.

  • Reliable partner for the aerospace industry

    In the assembly area of the company, special demands are placed on the logistics service providers.

  • Success-Story-POB

    Resistant against the hardest ambient conditions

    The wheels are mounted on gondolas which are used in food processing. These gondolas operate in a cool and damp environment that is needed to avoid the spoilage of the food while being processed.

  • Success-Story-LO-GTH_GSTN_Simple-Stage

    Blickle solution increases ride comfort

    The products of the company are mainly used inside of factories, so the they needed a higher grip polyurethane drive wheel that offered a combination of good traction and low rolling resistance.

  • Success-Story-LSFE_Simple-Stage

    Compact design reduces costs

    For a variety of reasons, the company’s technicians wanted to make a few changes to the wheel lock system of the castor to optimise it for the new application.

  • Success-Story-FALBN_Simple-Stage

    Optimised tread geometry saves energy

    The customer were looking for drive wheels which were capable of handling a maximum load of 1000 kg per transport unit while maximising energy efficiency.

  • Safe guidance through Blickle solution

    The customer needed a reliable wheel to guide the component holders on the conveyor belts. They were also looking for a way to implement a drive concept while taking the space restrictions and high temperatures of the furnace into consideration.

  • Blickle solution enables high-end printing for design tiles

    The customer is specializes in the production and supply of technology for glazing and decorating ceramic tiles.

  • Smooth running despite high temperatures and chemical loads

    The customer has established a new process for treating components on carts in a vacuum plasma system.

  • Spring-loaded Blickle heavy duty castors prevent glass breakage

    The customer has 250 loading platforms on castors, guaranteeing the delivery of finished products from the oven to various storage locations, finishing operations and shipping. These transfers are made on a continuous basis.

  • Blickle solution makes a difference with dead man's brakes autonomous transportation system

    The client needs castors with a safe braking system when developing a new autonomous, intelligent, self-organising DTS (driverless transport system). The payload of this transportation assistant should be 1000 kg - that means that a load-bearing capacity of 500 kg per castor is required.