Reinhold Blickle turns 70 - a visionary with foresight

Reinhold Blickle celebrated his 70th birthday on 9 December. The Managing Partner of the Rosenfeld-based wheel and castor manufacturer, with a great deal of commitment, courage and foresight, has been key to shaping the company’s success.

Reinhold Blickle’s management style is characterized by commitment, a sense of responsibility, prudence and foresight. He joined Blickle management on 1 August 1977 and has therefore been leading the fortunes of the family company for over 40 years. Rather than short-term profit-orientated thinking, his daily actions determine the long-term safeguarding of the future.

New beginnings and subsequent developments

The Blickle family success story started in 1953 with the production of iron wheelbarrow wheels. Within the year, Heinrich Blickle, company founder and father of today's Managing Partner, successfully developed a program of high-quality wheels, swivel castors and fixed castors from this starting point. But a heavy blow shook the young company in 1961, when Heinrich Blickle unexpectedly died at the age of 41. His wife Elisabeth made the brave decision to take over the company management. The mother of five managed to successfully continue to lead the company with her strong commitment and sense of duty. Her oldest son Reinhold was twelve years old at the time.

Reinhold Blickle therefore grew up in close proximity to the business operations. As a young man, he helped in the company during the holidays, for example unloading tyres from lorries at the company’s headquarters at the time, the historical “Fruchtkasten” building in Rosenfeld. After attending the grammar school in Balingen, Reinhold Blickle then completed his training as an industrial clerk at the company Bizerba. He got to know all of the commercial departments at the company, laying the foundations for his subsequent career. After finishing his professional training and completing his military service, Reinhold Blickle then worked at the family company for two and a half years spending time in all departments. From 1973 to 1977, he studied Business Economics at the European Business School in Frankfurt, London and Paris. Through this, he also gained valuable language skills and country-specific knowledge which proved to be extremely beneficial as part of the company's subsequent internationalisation. Reinhold Blickle then joined Blickle management on 1 August 1977. Under his direction, the company has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wheels and castors over the past few decades.

Blickle remains in the safe hands of the family

Blickle will continue to remain a family-led company into the future. Two of Reinhold’s children - Dr. Sarah Blickle-Fenner and David Blickle, representing the third generation - have been active in the company since October 2017. After completing a degree in Business Economics at the University of St. Gallen and gaining professional experience in Germany and abroad, Dr. Sarah Blickle-Fenner will support the Sales and Marketing activities of the company. As a mechanical engineer, David Blickle is bringing several years of professional experience in other companies to production and technology matters. The company management now consists of Reinhold Blickle, his wife Denise and Walter Wager.