online-shop blickle

Germany's most comprehensive wheel + castor shop goes online

Blickle is now offering over 30,000 wheels and castors in its new online shop. This makes it the most comprehensive online shop for wheels and castors in Germany, with a versatile range that extends from 20 mm guide rollers up to heavy duty wheels with a load capacity of 50 tonnes.

Customers can view accurate delivery times with an availability check that is linked to the prefabricated parts warehouse in the logistics centre. Automatic document archiving simplifies repeat ordering. The customer then only has to enter the new quantity. All available data, including customer-specific prices, is transferred over. “This is our reaction to the market that requires ordering quickly and conveniently to be possible at all times,” says Sales Manager Werner Herre. “If customers have questions or would like special solutions, our competent office staff are at their disposal.”

The new online shop features an interface to the product finder. Articles selected there can be directly transferred into the shopping basket. 3D PDF files are also a new feature. They are available for nearly every product and can be viewed without registration or logging in. The advantage of 3D PDFs is that wheels and castors can be viewed from any angle without having to install a CAD program on the computer.


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