Blickle Besthane® tread series awarded ergonomics quality seal

The Blickle Besthane® and Besthane® Soft tread series make the workplace a more ergonomic environment

The IGR Institute of Health and Ergonomics (IGR Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie e.V.) has awarded the Blickle Besthane® tread series its “ergonomic product” quality seal. This series includes the Besthane® tread, with a hardness of 92 Shore A, and the Besthane®Soft with a hardness of 75 Shore A. Wheels and castors with these treads help to optimise the ergonomic aspects of transporting goods. The tests performed by the IGR were based around the DIN 33 419 / EN ISO 15537 standards.

The seal was awarded due to the extremely low starting, rolling and swivel resistance of the tread series, which is made possible by the high elasticity of the polyurethane material. This material ensures that hardly any energy is lost when wheels and castors with a Besthane® tread are in motion, which makes it much easier to push and pull a trolley. Besthane® treads require up to 40 percent less force than other polyurethane treads.