Review of the year

The Blickle year 2023 at a glance

The year 2023 marks an eventful financial year for the Blickle Group in many respects. The inauguration of the new 24,000 square metre production building for polyurethane wheels and the new Blickle administration building, including the Blickle Experience Centre, were significant milestones in the company's 70-year history. With the successful completion of these pioneering projects, Blickle is ideally equipped for the challenges of the future.

Despite its world-leading position in the wheel and castor industry and its global presence, the Blickle Group faced the challenges of a demanding economic environment in 2023. Economic growth was weak in many European countries, which also had a negative impact on demand in the wheel and castor industry. The conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, high inflation, the shortage of skilled labour and a weak global economy also impacted the Blickle Group's growth.

Nevertheless, we can be satisfied with the overall development, as the Blickle Group was able to defend and further expand its position as the global market leader in the wheel and castor industry despite these adverse circumstances. Blickle is facing up to a wide range of challenges and, thanks to various optimisation and digitalisation projects as well as a large number of innovative product developments, is constantly evolving in order to remain at the forefront even in a difficult market environment.