Sorting systems

High level of automation 24/7 with Blickle guide rollers

Sorting systems and guide rollers are used for applications where goods need to be transported to a specific destination with speed and precision, such as airport luggage sorting facilities, commercial package sorting facilities and goods sorting systems in logistics centres. The design and structure of these systems are usually tailored to specific applications. Nowadays, modern high-performance systems frequently automate steps in the sorting process which often had to be performed manually in the past. This optimises the flow of materials.

As sorting systems become more automated, they tend to run for longer, all the way through to a 24/7 operation. The speed at which the goods in these systems are transported is increasing all the time. These sorting systems require guide rollers which meet these demanding requirements and can also keep resources safe using rolling-resistance-optimised treads.

Blickle uses guide rollers with a high dynamic load capacity to reduce the heat which builds up when these systems are run for a long period of time at high speeds. The high-quality polyurethane tread used by the FPOB and FSVU series set new benchmarks in these areas. The FPOB series is made by casting the 92 Shore A Blickle Besthane® polyurethane-elastomer onto a high-quality nylon wheel centre. The FSVU series is a 92 Shore A polyurethane-elastomer Vulkollan® cast onto a steel wheel centre. Both guide roller series are extremely abrasion-resistant and provide a very low level of rolling resistance.
Blickle has five other guide roller series in its standard range.