Success Stories in the conveyor technology

Special solutions for additional flexibility


Robust and low maintenance

In addition to cable trollies, Conductix-Wampfler’s product range also includes conductor rails, spring and motorized reels, slip ring assemblies and contactless energy supply solutions, alongside mobile and remote control units.
 Strabag SE

1,200 tons moved with precision

Vienna-based Strabag SE is one of the largest construction companies in Europe. Its core markets are Germany, Austria and countries in Eastern and Southeast Europe.
Conveyor belt for transporting refrigerator mould cores

Safe guidance through Blickle solution

The customer is based in Germany, and is a global market leader in the field of polyurethane processing. The company has more than 750 employees, and generates an annual turnover of approximately 134 million euros.


7,000 wheels from Blickle for the Maastunnel

The 1,070 metre Maastunnel runs under the Nieuwe Maas. Over 75,000 motor vehicles and 7,000 bicycles and mopeds use the tunnel every day.