A secure grip on heavy loads

The Blickle ErgoMove 4000 ensures safe and ergonomic movement of long materials

The client

MK-Lietz, based near Hanover, specialises in the construction of industrial equipment and machinery. Placing a particular emphasis on personal contact with customers and backed by many years’ experience, the company provides high-quality products in the field of industrial equipment and machinery. Services offered by MK-Lietz include consulting, manufacturing and commissioning of handling trolleys, handling systems, extraction plants and automation engineering for feeding and sorting machines. The customers of MK-Lietz include large-scale industrial companies operating at the national and international levels.

The challenge

Long, bulky materials, and also up to four Euro pallets at the same time, had to be moved through the hall and to the next floor in an elevator. MK-Lietz developed a special six-wheel system for their handling trolleys, enabling the trolley to be turned through 360 degrees on the spot. Four swivel castors are positioned externally on the frame, and two tracking wheels are located in the centre. The wheels are mounted on rockers, which are secured on the support frame using bolts and are connected to the tracking wheels. This ensures the trolley does not tip over and the tracking wheels always remain in contact with the floor. The system was also to be used at the premises of the MK-Lietz customer. The type of wheel that could be used was initially unclear. The requirements were, however, clearly formulated: “We were looking for a simple and ergonomic way to move steel profiles for conveyor systems that weigh up to four tonnes and are six metres long to the next floor without having to reload them,” explains Dennis Lietz, production manager at MK-Lietz.

Our solution

A solution was found after intensive discussions with the wheel and castor experts, who recommended using the ErgoMove 4000 for the tracking wheels. This electric drive system enables loads of up to four tonnes to be moved with little effort. The ErgoMove provides propulsion, while also offering steering and braking assistance. To solve this handling problem, Blickle adapted the software and made small modifications to the trolley. The type of wheel that would be suitable for the frame was initially unclear. “We carried out on-site tests and ultimately suggested using LHD-ALB twin wheel swivel castors to optimise the ability to swivel,” says Timo Sieber. These heavy-duty castors have hard-wearing Blickle Besthane tread with a hardness of 92 Shore A. Strong pressed steel is used for the bracket, ensuring a high level of stability. Blickle also supplied external battery boxes for flexible charging. Safety is ensured by means of special anti-trap protection. This immediately initiates an emergency stop if the trolley touches an object or a wall.

The result

Combining the ErgoMove 4000 with heavy-duty twin castors has provided many advantages for MK-Lietz. “The Blickle system has given us a safe and efficient solution. Handling is easy, the ergonomics work,” says production manager Dennis Lietz. According to Lietz, the anti-trap protection is also appropriate. “When moving long, heavy materials, staff safety plays an important role. The anti-trap protection reliably ensures such safety.” This is the first time that longstanding Blickle client MK-Lietz has used the ErgoMove 4000 – so successfully in fact that further projects are already in the pipeline.

Technical information and advantages of the set EM4000-GBS 252K-ET-2FG + EM battery box 0.15M

  • Simple handling of six-metre long trolleys.
  • Perfect operation no matter how heavy the load.
  • Staff safety is ensured by the anti-trap protection.
  • External battery boxes enable flexible charging.