Low mounting height plus extremely high load capacity and reliability

Custom solution for the automated guided vehicle (AGV) Grenzebach L1200S

The client

The family company Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1960. The machine and systems engineering specialist has production sites in Germany, the USA, China and Romania and provides a range of innovative automation solutions that make it a technology leader in a number of different markets. Its automated transport solutions include the Grenzebach L1200S automated guided vehicle (AGV).

The challenge

The Grenzebach L1200S automated guided vehicle (AGV) moves beneath units like desks, trolleys, frames or shelving, lifts them up and transports them to a specific destination. The AGV can handle up to 1.2 tons, with the load oriented in either direction. It can also rotate on the spot. The heavy loads carried by the AGV required castors with high load capacity, but a low mounting height in order to meet the requirements of Grenzebach. The drive wheels of the AGV need especially high abrasion resistance and high operational performance when used in a tight, predefined installation space.

Our solution

LSD-ALTH 101K-AS-FA-902289In close cooperation with the product developers in Grenzebach, Blickle designers created a solution that is perfectly adapted to the requirements. After a thorough analysis, Blickle decided to use the LSD-ALTH 101K-AS-FA, a special support castor. This castor has a solid welded steel swivel head and extremely low mounting height tolerance, which was a perfect match for the limited installation space. The twin wheel castor features low swivel resistance and load capacities of up to 600 kilogrammes in continuous operation. Both of the wheels integrated into the twin wheel castor use the solid Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread with a hardness of 92 Shore A. This keeps the rolling resistance low, minimises abrasion and provides a particularly high 
level of resistance to cuts and tear propagation. The antistatic design protects against electrical discharge. The special drive wheel GBA 178x50/8 with a unique flanged geometry was chosen for this application. The high-quality, premium 92 Shore A Blickle Besthane® tread is cast onto the cast iron wheel centre. The drive wheel is extremely abrasion-resistant and has a low level of rolling resistance, which increases energy efficiency.

The result

The twin wheel castors and drive wheels from Blickle allow the unit to be used around the clock. The smart drive technology and the twin wheel castors work together well to guarantee a space-saving turning radius of under 1 m. Grenzebach is completely satisfied with the special solutions from Rosenfeld. “Blickle quickly and flexibly implements special solutions that prove themselves in our customers’ daily applications,” reports Erwin Herre, Head of Product Management Intralogistics, Grenzebach.

Technical information and advantages of the special support castor LSD-ALTH 101K-AS-FA and special drive wheel GBA 178x50/8

  • Low rolling resistance and wear
  • High cut and tear propagation resistance
  • Maintenance-free operation, 24/7
  • Antistatic design protects against electrical discharges
  • Solid, welded steel swivel head on the support castor for maximum load capacity
  • Space-saving turning radius thanks to the twin wheel castors