Soft wheels for low-noise transport

Light duty castors with bolt hole and expander fitting, wheel with elastic soft rubber “SoftMotion” LKRA-POES 102K-11-SG-FK-E12

The client a traditional German bakery which was established in 1898. The business is now a renowned training institution with 25 specialty stores and its own catering service.

The application

Serving trolleys

One of the bakery’s city centre branches was getting complaints from local residents about the noise caused by catering trolleys clattering over cobblestones at 4.30 in the morning. The trolleys were using LKRA-TPA series light duty castors with an expander fitting. The customer asked us to find a different castor solution to reduce the amount of noise caused by the catering trolleys. A competitor had also submitted an alternative solution involving castors with soft rubber wheels.

The solution from our standard range

Light duty swivel castor with bolt hole fitting and expander fitting, wheel with elastic soft rubber wheel SoftMotion LKRA-POES 102K-11-(FI)-SG-FK-E12

Blickle’s soft elastic rubber “SoftMotion” series (POES series) was the perfect match for the customer’s requirements. In combination with the extra-thick cushion layer, the special high-quality material blend reduces noise emissions considerably compared to the standard solid rubber tread. It also has an extremely low level of rolling resistance, making the trolleys quiet and easy to move. The impact-resistant properties of the tread also protect the transported goods. A complete solution comprising a combination of the Blickle “SoftMotion” wheels and the LKRA light duty bracket series with a suitable expander fitting replaced the castors which were previously used for the trolleys. Our proposed solution beat out the competition due to our well-established Blickle quality and our attractive pricing.

The result

The Blickle "SoftMotion” wheels lowered noise levels significantly and noticeably reduced the number of complaints from the surrounding area.

Technical information and product benefits LKRA-POES 102K-11-(FI)-SG-FK-E12

  • Impact resistance and noise reduction due to extra-thick elastic soft rubber cushion (55 Shore A)
  • Low rolling resistance thanks to high quality rubber blend with particularly high elasticity