Made by Blickle

Our aim: The best possible solution for every application.

Innovation, research, development

Your requirement is our challenge. We constantly develop new creative solutions. Our specialised expert teams are made up of experienced designers who know how to create perfect products to meet customer requirements.
Our developers use the latest methods, including linear and non-linear FEM, and keep close relationships with established institutions to keep our ideas moving and to realise new possibilities. In addition to meeting real-world technological requirements, we also carry out basic research to optimise the materials that we use in our wheels and to develop driven wheels.

International deliveries done right

Extremely quick. Extremely reliable

You can expect outstanding reliability from every area of Blickle. Our cutting-edge logistics centre guarantees top-quality deliveries: We have more than 8,000 different products ready to ship within one day, with another 12,000 ready to ship within one or two days across Europe.
60 to 70 metric tons of material leave our logistics centre in Rosenfeld every day. Our 40 metre high fully automated high-rack warehouse has enough space for 43,400 Euro or cage pallets served by rack feeders. The neighbouring small parts warehouse has space for 54,000 more. This guarantees that materials get to our production facilities efficiently and that products are delivered to our customers quickly and reliably.

Tooling and steel processing

If you want something done well, do it yourself.

Leading the market means setting high standards. The Blickle way: manufacturing and developing everything from scratch. All of our tooling, mechanical engineering and steel processing is done in house.

Steel processing  
Tooling and mechanical engineering

We develop and build tools, equipment and systems in house to meet any requirement with our highly-qualified employees and cutting-edge machinery. This benefits you significantly in a number of ways: we can adapt mass-produced products to meet customer requirements in a quick and cost efficient manner. Our in-house tooling guarantees that none of our tools see any downtime and keeps our product quality high.

Steel processing

Our high level of vertical integration gives us complete control over quality and delivery dates. It also allows us to react with speed and flexibility to customer and market requirements. Flexibility lies at the heart of our steel forming processes. Our comprehensive set of press equipment includes hydraulic and eccentric presses, some of which have servo drives, with a pressing force of up to 630 metric tons. Our equipment is capable of handling coils that are up to 12 mm thick in a fully automated process. Our presses are set up to manufacture castors. This allows us to efficiently manufacture large quantities while remaining flexible enough to produce small batches in a cost-effective manner.


Manual or automatic. But always precise.

Good connections guarantee a long service life. Precision is the most important part of an effective weld. By hand when needed and automated whenever possible. We achieve a consistently high level of work by ensuring that our welders and welding equipment meet demanding standards. Without precise weld seams, our heavy duty castors would not have the stability and safety on which our customers rely.

Polyurethane in its best form.

Experience. Know-how. Ideas.

Polyurethane casting

To produce high-quality polyurethane, you need the right formula and the proper processing techniques. That’s why we committed ourselves to becoming polyurethane specialists.

The quality of polyurethane wheels is affected by a number of different factors. We sandblast, clean and prime the metal wheel centres completely automatically. Computer-controlled machinery is used for the subsequent low pressure casting process. We then add precise quantities of additives like colour pigments, activators or antistatic agents to suit requirements. This gives us the flexibility that we need to meet the precise requirements of our customers.

  • PU wheels in all sizes, from 20 to 1,300 mm in diameter.
  • Comprehensive quality inspections.
  • Tread and tyre hardness from 75 to 96 Shore A.
  • Special colours to meet customer requirements.

Plastic injection moulding

Innovative plastics processing

To stay ahead of the market, you need to be flexible. We are able to produce a wide range of synthetic wheels and castors, including heat-resistant, electrically conductive and glass fibre-reinforced versions.
We use a range of cutting-edge, high-performance machinery for the injection moulding process. Our linked systems allow us to manufacture multi-component wheels in a fully automated manner. Our extremely high-performance tooling technology allows us to optimise our cycle times while keeping our quality high.


Manufactured internally. Assembled internally.

We developed fully automatic, high-quality, cost-effective and efficient production lines to assemble our brackets and castors. Benefit from our flexibility: We frequently work on small batches by hand to meet our customers’ requirements. Almost 60,000 square metres of floor space is used to produce over 15 million castors and wheels a year, equivalent to more than 60,000 units per day. We integrate a large number of testing and inspection stations into our production lines to maintain our certified, high-quality standards.

Quality, environment and energy

We want your trust. Over the long term.

Continuous improvements to the quality of our products and processes are made possible by our quality management systems. We are committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, and we arrange for certification bodies to inspect our compliance with standards on a regular basis.

Quality management

Customer confidence is one of our greatest assets. We earned this confidence thanks to our quality and reliability. Thanks to the use of our own manufacturing facilities and a dedication to products “Made in Germany”, we have full control over the entire process from the start. We are committed to improving every day, and we believe that mistakes are an opportunity to improve. There is a reason why Blickle was the first German wheel and castor manufacturer to be DIN EN ISO 9001 certified in the year 1994. Our quality management system aims to ensure our a high standard of quality in all areas and processes to best support our customers with their own quality targets. Comprehensive material and product tests play a crucial role. A multitude of testing devices are available to our engineers, including rotary test benches for loads of up to 5.5 t, material testing equipment and climatic exposure test cabinets. We use cutting edge equipment for wheel and castor tests in accordance with DIN EN 12527-12533 in addition to destructive testing. The first and last parts of every production run are always inspected in addition to self-checks by production workers along the way.

Quality assurance at Blickle 
Environmental management system

For Blickle, sustainable management is a basic responsibility. For this reason, we integrated the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 into our quality management system in April 2012. We are committed to improving our processes and products continually with regard to their environmental friendliness. The development of environmentally friendly products, the careful use of resources in the production process as well as renewable energy and raising our employees' awareness for environmentally conscious behaviour are the key objectives of our environmental management system.

Energy management system

In 2014, Blickle introduced an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 with the objective of minimising energy consumption within all areas of our company. The energy management system helps us in our mission to lessen the burden on the environment, for example by reducing CO2 emissions. At the same time, it aims to raise every employee's awareness of the importance of using energy and resources efficiently.