Our vision

To be the best wheel and castor manufacturer to work with.

The best product

Blickle is committed to manufacturing wheels, castors and mobility systems with “Made in Germany” quality. We drive quality and innovation in our industry. Our reliable, durable and user-friendly products provide our customers with outstanding efficiency and return on their investment. All of our product development, manufacturing and quality management processes are based around this principle. We use cutting edge technologies as well as continuous enhancement and optimisation processes to provide wheel and castor solutions to meet any requirement.

The best service

We want to provide our customers with the best possible service. A steady focus on the needs of our customers is at the heart of everything we do. Blickle’s global service network is there to help customers in person and virtually. As a family company, we want to make sure that we don’t neglect the human dimension in today’s digital world. Our team of highly qualified and personable contact partners provide our customers with advice and assistance they can rely on. Combine that with outstanding product availability and delivery performance, and you get Blickle’s excellent level of service.

The best solution

We want to find the best solution for any requirement. We develop tailored solutions for customers who cannot find what they are looking for in our standard range of over 30,000 wheels and castors. Our highly motivated team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers develop new products and customise existing designs to create solutions to suit any requirement.

The best partner

As a family-owned global company, Blickle is well aware of its responsibilities. We aim for high level of customer and employee satisfaction. We are committed to acting responsibly wherever we are, both at our headquarters in Rosenfeld and our international branches. Sustainability is extremely important for us - we do everything we can to protect the environment and make sure that our employees thrive in a positive and modern working environment. As a modern organisation, we adapt to changing circumstances. Fairness, loyalty, respect and trust are at the heart of all of our interactions with our customers, suppliers and employees. Blickle fosters long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees and puts customer satisfaction and a long-term perspective at the centre of everything it does as a company

Our mission

In partnership with our customers, we develop and produce high-quality, durable, user-friendly and innovative wheel and castor solutions to enable people worldwide to move all types of goods, machines and transport systems safely, efficiently and most ergonomically.