Medical devices

Blickle stainless steel and synthetic castors

Medical devices are a common sight in all medical fields, such as hospitals, care and rehabilitation environments. Medical devices come in all different shapes and sizes to meet the wide range of applications. Many devices are fitted with wheels and castors for ease of use and flexibility.

In addition to mobility requirements, there are a number of specific and stringent safety and performance standards which must be complied with in the medical sector. Before they are put on the market, they must meet all of the relevant regulatory requirements. This can affect how they are designed, developed and manufactured. This means that wheels and castors frequently need to have a modern and high-quality design, high-performance braking systems and surfaces which are easy to clean.

Blickle’s standard range of stainless steel castors meets all of these hygiene requirements. The chromium-nickel steel in the brackets and the corrosion-resistant and/or hydrolysis-resistant wheels provide a castor which meets the demanding hygiene requirements of the medical sector. Blickle also provides synthetic castors where both the wheel and the bracket are made from high-quality synthetic materials. In addition to traditional synthetic castors with a wheel (Blickle WAVE, Blickle FLOW), the clear design and high-quality surfaces of the Blickle MOVE twin synthetic castor set new benchmarks in terms of design. Blickle works together with renowned design studios, develops synthetic castors in its development centre and uses cutting edge manufacturing technology in its internal injection moulding facility to guarantee the excellent quality of its products.