Heavy goods transport made easy

ErgoMove 2000 optimises the transport of heavy components for CLAAS

The client

The company is based in Hareswinkel and is the leading provider in the European combine harvester market. CLAAS is also the world’s biggest supplier of autonomous forage harvesters. In the agricultural sector, CLAAS is a leading supplier of tractors as well as agricultural presses and harvesting machines. The product range also includes cutting-edge agricultural information technology. CLAAS employs 11,900 people worldwide and achieved sales of EUR 4.8 billion in the 2021 financial year.

The challenge

The company has used handcarts fitted out with Blickle castors for years in its combine harvester production facility. Employees use these handcarts to transport components from the pre-assembly facility to the production line. One problem did crop up, however: the components have been getting larger and larger over the years, with some even weighing in at 1.6 tonnes. The heaviest loads need at least two employees to get the cart where it needs to go by hand – a physically strenuous activity. The company decided to find a suitable alternative to take the strain off its workers.

Our solution

EM2000T-BS-GBS 200K-ET-2FGAfter a thorough analysis, Blickle’s experts suggested using the ErgoMove 2000 electric drive system. Now only one employee is needed to transport heavy loads.

The ErgoMove 2000 can transport a total weight of up to two tonnes. In addition to the drive power, the system also features steering and braking assistance. Thanks to integration into the load-bearing structure of the cart, the ErgoMove 2000 achieves smooth handling regardless of the load. The electric drive has all relevant safety features, including an emergency stop switch, anti-trap protection and electromechanical dead man’s brakes. This makes the system a safe solution for transporting loads. The cockpit with two rotary joysticks offers the ability to easily manoeuvre heavy loads within even tight spaces.

The result

CLAAS was impressed by the solution from the experts in Rosenfeld. However, it quickly became clear that a standard version would not do: fire safety requirements meant that batteries could not be charged on the transport cart in the production hall. The Blickle’s ErgoMove specialists were quick to find a solution: they designed a control box with a battery unit so that the batteries could be charged in a fire-proof cabinet.

CLAAS is extremely happy with Blickle’s ergonomic solution. Heavy components can now be moved easily and safely by a single employee at the push of a button.

Technical information and advantages of the set EM2000T-BS-GBS 200K-ET-2FG + EM-BATTERYBOX 0.5M

  • Perfect operation at no matter how heavy the load.
  • Version with two rotary joysticks makes it possible to easily manoeuvre heavy loads even in confined spaces.
  • Ergonomically correct working conditions.
  • Increased efficiency in internal transport.
  • External battery charger for swapping out batteries.