Blickle heavy duty castors for every application

Make heavy loads easy to move with our heavyweight castors

Blickle’s heavy duty castors are made in Germany and are well known for their outstanding quality and rugged properties. They are used in a wide variety of settings across the world, especially for intralogistics and machine and systems engineering applications. Blickle is an expert in the design of heavy-duty castors, whether swivel or fixed castors in a robust design, and always uses high-quality components. These are the factors which elevate Blickle’s extensive standard range above its competitors. From heavy duty wheels made of nylon or steel, elastic solid rubber tyres or polyurethane treads, the wheels used in Blickle heavy duty castors have a diameter of up to 1000 mm and can handle loads up to 50,000 kg. The table below provides an overview of Blickle’s heavy duty castors and the different wheel types which they use:

When are heavy duty caster wheels used?

For applications with high load capacities and special requirements, our heavy duty castors are mostly used. Heavy duty castors are characterised above all by their robustness and high quality and are used in a wide variety of areas.

Are there heavy duty casters with brakes?

For our heavy duty castors, there are various locking systems with the Stop-Top or the Wheel Stop, which are available to the customer as standard. For special applications in the heavy-duty sector, however, it is also possible to work out an individual solution together with the customer.

Heavy duty castors vs. heavy duty spring-loaded castors - what are the differences?

Our heavy duty spring-loaded castors reduce the shock and impact loads on the castors during transport and thus contribute to an increased service life. By cushioning the impacts on the castors, the goods to be transported are also protected and the noise generated is reduced.

Tailored special solutions for your needs

We aim to provide the perfect wheel or castor to meet any requirement. We will draw on our expertise and experience to develop your tailored heavy duty castor in partnership with you. You give us your requirements and we make them a reality. We handle every stage of the process: – from the first design drawings through to calculations and the manufacturing itself. Blickle’s management systems, cutting-edge automated production and testing equipment and first article, last article inspections as well as self-checks by production workers guarantee a high level of “made in Germany” quality and process reliability.

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