Wheels and castors for the areas of hygiene/medicine/design

Blickle wheels and castors are used whenever special hygienic requirements are placed on swivel and fixed castors. With one of the largest ranges of stainless steel castors across the globe, Blickle has the right solution for applications in food production or medical facilities, including cleanroom castors. Blickle swivel and fixed castors are available in cold-resistant and heat-resistant versions, with a specially sealed swivel head or sealed bearings. As an alternative to stainless steel castors, synthetic castors

are an ideal choice, which Blickle produces in an in-house plastic injection moulding facility. The MOVE and WAVE castor series not only look good (2014 red dot award, 2014 Focus Open for the MOVE), but are also extremely durable and feature a particularly smooth running performance. Blickle synthetic castors make it easier to move medical equipment, nursing beds, medical furniture, lab equipment and kitchen appliances or design furniture.

Applications: Wheels and castors in food production or medical facilities (examples):

Ambulance service





Baking technology

Commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens


Food engineering

Electrical medical equipment

Laboratory equipment


Medical engineering

Applications-dining car

Food transport