Machine Tools

Blickle levelling castors for stability

Blickle wheels and castors are used in a wide range of machine tools – from lathes to milling machines, drills and grinding equipment. The majority of machine tools are made up of modular units which are supplied to the customer separately and then assembled.

These modules usually have levelling castors so that they can be put in the correct position. Once a module is in the right place, the levelling castors can adjust for any irregularities in the floor. The integrated truck locks make sure that the machine stays where it needs to be. Levelling castors frequently have to handle loads weighing several tonnes.

Blickle’s “Made in Germany” levelling castors make the process of moving units quick and easy. Truck locks guarantee stability. The truck locks in the HRSP, HRLHD and HRLSD series have a particularly high static load capacity. A spanner can be used to adjust the height of the truck locks in the die-cast aluminium HRSP series and the zinc-plated pressed steel HRLHD series. The HRLSD series has a particularly robust zinc-plated welded steel construction. Its levelling screw can be used to adjust the mounting height of the levelling castor independently from the truck lock. The series is also dust and splash-proof.