Clever unification of Design and functionality

Spring-loaded heavy duty castor with stem fitting LSZF-PATH 160K-ELS-FA-920537 / -920587

The customer

... is a Spanish company founded in 1994. Since its foundation, the corporation has grown steadily, positioning itself as a global leader in OEM design and manufacturing of high frequency x-ray generators and x-ray systems.

The challenge

One of the most successful product of the client is the mobile x-ray machines. These machines are transported within the hospital facilities to where they are required, so the patients do not need to be moved. The machines have a weight of more than 500 kg and have an extendible arm to facilitate the x-ray operation. Each machine has two drive wheels and two spring-loaded castors with antistatic wheels.

The original castors’ wheels were from a competitor and the brackets were manufactured by other suppliers. The client received a castor which was manufactured by several companies. These castors had several problems with detachment of the tread due to the malfunctioning of the springs. The springs were not properly designed, and the wheels hit the bracket producing cracks in the tread. But the most important problem was the electrostatic discharge which led to electronic failures of the machine controllers and potential hazard to the operators.

The client needed a complete castor which is easy to mount to the existing machines, using stem fittings. The initial tension of the springs needs to be high enough so that these are not compressed when the arm of the machine is extended, and the springs must be able to buffer the effects of ground irregularities and obstacles.

Our solution

Spring-loaded heavy duty castors with stem fitting LSZF-PATH 160K-ELS-FA-920537 / -920587

In close collaboration with the customer and the specialist team of the Blickle subsidiary in Spain a new castor was designed from scratch. This castor is constructed with stem fitting to attach the castor easily to an existing machine, and also to the upcoming versions.

The spring-loaded bracket is designed to ensure a perfect functionality despite the limited space on the bottom side of the machine.

The initial tension can be easily modified with an integrated screw. The bracket is also painted with a powder coat to protect the castor from corrosion. Some regions of the bracket are manufactured without the powder coat to guarantee the proper electrostatic discharge path. The electrically conductive version of the PATH wheel series as well as a thread guard in the matching colour complete the construction.

The result

This solution was intensively tested under real conditions, and it passed the tests with flying colours. Initial tension is configured to keep the balance of the machine while the arm is extended, and it can be adjusted to customer needs with an easy operation. The springs absorb the forces that are produced when passing through obstacles. The use of a complete conductive solution, bracket and wheel, reduces the hazard of undesired electrostatic shocks. With the Blickle solution, the client has a complete castor from just one supplier, saving lead time. Also the design has been approved by the customer. A framework contract has been signed to seal that future machines will be also equipped with this Blickle solution.

Technical information and product advantages LSZF-PATH 160K-ELS-FA-920537/ -920587

  • Complete solution from one supplier
  • Compact, spring-loaded bracket with stem fitting, powder coating and thread guard for protection against corrosion
  • PATH-ELS wheel and specially manufactured bracket that ensures the proper resistor of R ≤ 10.000 Ω
  • Special, dirt-repellent design according to the customer’s requirements (material number. 920537: RAL 9003 – Signal white; material number. 920587: RAL 7012 – Basalt grey)