Success stories hygiene / medicine / design

Mobility in the food production and medical sectors

Synthetic castors from Blickle

Improving the safety of child beds

Oostwoud is located in Franeker, Netherlands. The company was founded in 1871 and initially made carriages and wagons.

ErgoMove 4000 in use

Reliable heavy goods transport in a clean room environment

Mechanical and industrial engineering company ystral was established in Stuttgart in 1959. The company designs and builds mixing, dispersion and powder wetting equipment for fluid mechanics applications.
ErgoMove 1000 in use

Leap forward in ergonomics

A 900-bed hospital association in Bamberg uses hand-operated industrial trucks to get large quantities of food, medication and inventory to their final destination.
Gastguard cutlary cabinet

Innovative cutlery cabinet with Blickle MOVE

The client: Gastugard is a start-up based in Kornwestheim. The company was founded in 2014 and specialises in products for the gastronomy sector, such as cutlery holders and hygiene solutions.
Hospital ventilator

Blickle supplies castors for ventilators

The customer is a high-tech company at the forefront of digital immersion, providing solutions to make the world safer.

Clean room

Low emission special cleanroom castor made by Blickle

The customer is a major player in the semiconductor technology industry and develops and manufactures equipment used in the production of microchips.

Wave glider

Absolutely reliable – even at high seas

The customer is an American marine robotics corporation that designs, manufactures and sells the Wave Glider, a wave and solar powered unmanned surface vehicle.


Custom design for mobile hospital furniture

The customer is a German manufacturer of mobile functional furniture for the healthcare sector, and is a market leader in the segment.

X-ray machine

Clever unification of Design and functionality

is a Spanish company founded in 1994. Since its foundation, the corporation has grown steadily, positioning itself as a global leader in OEM design and manufacturing of high frequency x-ray generators and x-ray systems.


Proven smooth running despite high temperatures and chemical exposure

The customer is part of a global Swedish group which provides solutions for “life on the move” in the air conditioning, hygiene and sanitation and food and drink industries.

Bedside mealtime

For better ergonomics at the workplace

is an Australian statewide organization established to provide high-quality services to support the delivery of patient care.

Food production applications

Particularly durable - even under the toughest conditions

The customer is a food manufacturer based in the US. Since its founding in 1891, the company has developed into a versatile food manufacturer with a wide range of products.

Cold storage room

Reliable even at extremely low temperatures

The customer is a Scandinavian biotech company is a world market leader in the life sciences sector with almost 3,000 employees that produces natural additives for the food industry, agriculture and medicine.